eapt Poker Score Of The

Participate in the ranking competition

the score-the individual Numerical klassementslijst rating is the Key factor for the prestatiepunten Of the player's data To determine the strongest players Of the yearThe aim of the ranking Is to promote, develop, encourage The club's players at The club, poker lessons, and Participate in tournaments. The duties of the rating Include: the assessment of the Dynamics of the growth results And the performance of the Identification of the players, and The selection of the various Strengths of the players of The discipline clubpoker, including with Regard to the second of Them, to participate in international Competitions, the accounting and monitoring Of the players. Tournaments Tournaments are are included In the calendar of the EAPT. There will be a tournaments Will be held in the Following, the club poker events: The Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud Poker and Other sorts of club poker. Eapt calendar, the allocation by The organizers of January, december, December in season, and of The variety club of poker Events are held each month And week in a year. Eurasian Poker Tour calendar is Approved by the management of The playing season shall be Published by the club, and The company pokerkm her offici"This web site.

The participant must use the Rules of the club and The poker are familiar with And follow any particular order Of ranking tournaments, discipline, fair Play and the laws, imposed Against opponents, and authorities.

The registration fee for the Sorteertoernooi shall not be less Than classic casinoeenheden. The number of participants in. According to the results of The calculation to get to The tournament players of points, Sorted by the intense prizes. The tournament will be organized In accordance with the results Of the ranking of the Players on the list. The number of points will Be determined by the organizer Of the tournament. Each ranking has a special Toernooico"ffici nt is awarded On the basis of the Following indicators: the participants, the Registration fee is conventional units, The situation is different, and The structure of the -day. Ўѕѕ'Ѕѕ µЅµЂ?. The Rating of the players is. On the basis of the Results of the ratingtoernooi will Be up to the players, Which was to have received The points are awarded as below. The rating of the players, According to the results of A particular prestatietoernooi number of Points will be calculated by Multiplying the number of points That the player has in A particular tournament, it has Earned the co"ffici"nt Of the results obtained, the Value of the gun, which, Mathematically, it is rounded to The nearest whole number. Tournament's"Overseas Daly"in Texas hold'em: the members Of the tuition fees of Up to conventional units on The status of another, the Build-up to days. Ўѕѕ'Ѕѕ µЅµЂ?. the orderly player. the position of the players On the list rank of The player, which is determined By the sum of the Ranglijstpunten taken by a player In a tournament title. On the basis of the Results of the annual evaluation, The players, the Player of The Year,Rookie of the Year", and other evidence of Formal qualifications awarded. The rondetelling is calculated on The basis of the results Of the verslagweek, and every Monday will be noted.

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