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AInsider is the future of online poker. The app is designed to help poker players during the game by predicting winning moves.
The app currently works with GGPoker, UPoker, PPPoker, Pokerbros, KKPoker, GGpoker OK - the most popular poker rooms in the world!

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How does it work?

The app uses artificial intelligence to calculate the odds, make predictions, and suggest moves with the best chance of winning. Suggestions (or hints) pop up live during each game you play. The variety of subscription options satisfies any preference in terms of desired price, frequency of play, and scale of winnings. The more you play, the more you win!

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You can pay with cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH), Visa/MasterCard, PayPal, Qiwi, YouMoney. If you would like to use other payment methods, please message us via Telegram and we will take care of it.
The app will help you identify the right moves, so you're sure to win. The estimated winnings are much more than the subscription/membership fee. AInsider Poker guarantees profits, while all you have to do is just enjoy the game.
The app uses artificial intelligence to make predictions. The player receives hints of the right moves and starts to win. The hints are displayed during each poker session.
The following platforms are currently available: GGPoker, UPoker, PPPoker, Pokerbros, KKPoker, GGpoker OK.
Yes, there is a difference in more scrutiny and adjustments against opponents, including actions on preflop and postflop. The assistant becomes more sensitive to the opponent's stats.
AInsider Poker recognizes other AInsider Poker accounts and avoids confrontation between them. The stronger hand wins.
AInsider Poker calculates the difference between your decision and the optimal strategy of action and tries to reduce this value.
The AInsider Poker app shows outstanding statistics. Up to 13 BB / 100 hands depending on limits. However, there is variance in the short term.
A player's performance will depend on distance and how carefully he/she follows AInsider Poker's cues. By all calculations, the mathematical expectation is higher than 10bb / 100 hands.
Since poker is a variance game, the success of a particular strategy can only be analyzed if a sufficient number of hands have been played. Otherwise, a player may simply experience a brief streak of good luck or bad luck. In this sense, a distance of less than 20,000 hands is considered unreliable for evaluating a particular strategy. A distance of 100,000 hands is considered reliable enough to draw conclusions and build future goals.
Absolutely! The AInsider Poker app is a first-class choice for beginners and amateurs alike, as they can achieve two goals at once: improve their poker skills and win money!
If you play poker professionally for a living, AInsider Poker will be very useful for you! The app takes all the stress and pressure associated with long hours of analysis, calculation, and decision making. Instead, you focus only on making a profit while the app does everything else. Great for your mental health! Plus, as an added bonus: now you can even watch your favorite TV show while you make money.
Yes, AInsider Poker makes adjustments based on other players' stats at the table.
Winning bets depend on poker skills and a reliable range. About 95% of all online poker players lose money. The 5% who do win usually earn up to 1-3bb/100 hands, which is considered a solid performance. However, with AInsider Poker you can improve your performance with a mathematical expectation of over 10bb/100 hands! Of course, this is an extremely exceptional but very real statistic to show you the scale of what you could earn using the power of AInsider Poker's artificial intelligence.
Open the poker app you're using and use the payment tools that are used there.
All poker rooms - GGPoker, UPoker, PPPoker, Pokerbros, KKPoker, GGpoker OK - operate worldwide with clubs and players all over the world. And all poker rooms offer a wide variety of games for any bankroll.
Yes, but only if you talk about it openly. So do not brag to other players when you play, or to the club management! Just enjoy your victories.
Check the server you are connected to and change it if necessary. If the problem persists, try logging out of both apps, then log back in to AInsider Poker, and sit at the table.
Yes, AInsider Poker uses bluffing when it is the best winning move.
The app does a great job with both low and high limits! However, we recommend that you stick with bankroll management.
No, but it helps you minimize your losses with a solid strategy.


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