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However, no one can have Anything final to say

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I've got my new Job is not terminated, I Have stopped my studies, in Order to beat, but, I'M often these situations are encountered. to other people, I can Put my thoughts, in general, To express it to save Plenty of money on your Debit card, you have to Live with it for months And it will be your Brother, you can't touch it. and in The last - months, It is equal to the Monthly character must have at Least a little bit more Income, and that there should Be an increase of more Brittle, or else you will Always be borderline Now you Need to find out what It is like to be Yourself, to be maximized, you Need to get as much As possible for time to Poker-sound-touch-hours a Day, you can relax a Little as if you have To save up for months, And is in full working Hours a day, and never Have to go there. A profit of $ in the HM, that He does not Say that he was a Win, because if you have To cache all of the Latter, then there will be No growth. That is to say, if You have - per month, you Would be better to use Win RN-to-make, -c, This means that you will Have enough experience to understand it? I think it really depends On your family situation. If you are living alone Or with your family, you Can get your track in Favour of the establishment of The monthly investment funds even If it is still in A negative situation is, you Can always download it. If you have children of Your own, and not in ©©n or more, you will Have a different theme. I don't think that Six months of saving up Here is going to be enough. First of all, it is Any damage in the future Is not a reality Ok©, And so it is possible, And it will be possible In the future, play will Continue to win. Of course, there are a Lot of factors that are Not in your hands. I think that it is, In the poker industry as A whole, it works.

In the third, and my Personal attitude

You can be sure that You are ready to give Up to hours a day To work on it and You will enjoy it to The game you are playing? I'm not sure I Have the question, in principle, To answer or understand what It is all about. So, I'm sure that The vast majority of the Time here in ©©n a Person not to be ready. Now, if I had the Chance to stop it with The poker, and the knowledge And experience of the game To exchange it for a Different specialty, I would not Even think to change it. I have to agree with The above, but no one Has the answer, and How To combine work and others, I have work in about Hours, from: to: hrs on The day in a decade, And by weeks, and I Need to be in the Amount of the road for Hours a day, trying to Get a break down to Give you. In the case of evening Wear and any time katostrofisch Lasted - hours every night, in The morning, and had to Get up at, no later Than: a.m. to a health condition, to Say the least, not a Lot of it, the whole Day, like a squeezed lemon, And a desire to get The night's sleep desire To play it. Allow up to hours of Sleep, and play, but it'S hard to imagine ochtendspel To play it, the result Is or less. The ice skating rink at The job I have, so In a row, but if There is one thing that You learn to focus reception. To be honest, I'm Not able to work is An option to think it'S a possibility. Mango-and if you think That your school is going To stop it, or that You have the rest of Your life is going to Play poker, and that you Have enough of it. then you've got it wrong. When I was a sophomore Or a freshman, was at The university, he did that Shit without a thought to Fall and then it's on. years of playing poker. -k gain in that Period of time, it is Quite real, and it is Up to you, and you alone. You can use the money That you get from the Poker to collect or invest In a training course in The appeal proceedings. However, poker has been a Financial and a ticket to Independence, as you have to Know how to use them When I was a sophomore Or junior in college, isi, And I would have to Throw that shit away without A second thought, and to Devote myself to. years of playing poker. -k gain during that Time is very, very real, And it is up to You and only you. Mango-if you think you Can, leave college, or a Job for life to play, And you're going to Be bored when I was In the second or first Grade, izee, I would be The shit without thinking, throw It away. Within - I have had for Years and years to the Poker room dedicated to it. -k gain in that Period of time, it is Very realistic, it is up To you, and not just To you. Then, with the money earned In the game of poker, You can invest in, or Work in other specialties, to you. However, poker has been the Ticket to financi"the independence You just need to know How to use them, and You're saying to me My whole life to get Me to tell you what Is happening within - years, and The geЇnvesteerd, or working in A different specialty.

Mango, stop smoking, if you Think you are in college, Or a job to play Poker for a living, and You get bored of you, You're wrong I'm In second or first in My college course is easy To put a stop to This shit, but I find It hard to think about, And I have dedicated myself To the poker room for To years of age.

In order to save time In the -k, it is Entirely realistic, it's up To you and only you. You can do it by The amount of money you Will have to invest in The game of poker, or The learning of a different Specification, you have to take it. But financi"the independence of The poker ticket you just Have to know how to Use it, and your criticism Of me in the beginning. everything about life, and tell Me in - years time, it Will be changed, and any Other investment or job specialty Is to create it. Yeah, that's understandable, but Why the rush, and the Whole of life to talk To like to years old Enough to get a decent Amount of gain, since the Real question was whether you Should quit school, or that You're not your whole Life have to take it. Above all else, and live In balance with yourself, work For yourself! All is not quite as Important as it at first Sight seems to be lack Of experience. People will point, unfortunately, the Old-age. I've got a paycheck In the DP Director of Purchasing, $ -I'm not much Different from the office of The old-timers, to conclude, I don't really think Of any other job and Set another date for myself Yet, does not play poker And after the work, months And days.

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