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Welcome to the Chocolate Poker Club ! Available hours a day, members Are more than welcome to Come and spend some time In the rooms §al±џ±oruz.Also, we are specialized in The game of poker, or, That all of the necessary Equipment, and casual games.The institutional atmosphere to help You relax, to calm, to Not interfere with the nervous System and the city's Hustle and bustle and focus On the game.Free mini bar, pipe, and Hot and cold running for The the members of snacksWe will make sure that It is in strict accordance With the club and are Held only in a comfortable And honest rules and regulations.The tables and chairs, and All the necessary equipment and Highly trained staff are comfortable For you, and help you Not to be distracted by The kind of poker. If you want to have A break from poker, or Just as a good a Time as any to play Video games with your friends, It will be a great Choice for you! PS or curling console, you Can play with up to People! You don't have to Carry the emotions of the Game in the console's display. There is a free mini Bar with a variety of Locks are available for our guests.

Don't be limited by Your desire is to relax The best you will always Have something to recommend! If you don't have Time for dinner in the Evening, or you are defeated, Hungry, doesn't matter in This process! Hot and cold snacks are Perfect to be available in The club free of charge, De vries a worm, and Even eating it hard! Always in the mood of A room, play poker, and Fun to be around, and A lift.Club have a hookah with A variety of tobaccos and A variety of delicious fillings.Hookah It's free, so Don't limit yourself! In the evening, you can Easily make a tasty smoke To add it! Chocolate Poker Club opens its Doors to you.

If you want to immerse Yourself in the enchanting atmosphere Of the club, we'll Have a phone number or An e-mail in the UK, Telegram or Instagram. The manager will contact you In order to answer all Your questions, and you will Be given an opportunity to Be our club's ediyoruz.We visit, we are always Happy to meet new people! The site has a chocolate Poker club.Also the content is for People over the age of Years of age.To obtain a closed setting, And the membership, you will Need to contact the administrator Via VK, Telegram, or Instagramagram.Please go to our resources By clicking on the appropriate Icon on the right-hand Side, or from the home Page, form, mјmkјndјr.Mobile app.If the content is not Adequate, if for some reason You have, or you are Under the age of years, You Leave the site. Send us an email, our Online pokergroep, a telegram, or Go directly to our manager And on Instagram in order For us to send you.

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