it Replaces The Ggpokok Is Currently On The Th Of september.

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September, ggpokerokok, it will be Updated specialities loyalty program to Launch itThis is the first time That such a system is Finally introduced. You had to be in The past to turn the Wheel of fortune, to rake, To get it, but now The player is fixed in Place with what appears to Be a few years ago, And a little bit of Pokerstars, was depending on the quantity. The current size of the Bowl are seven states, from The plankton to the dekula And the rake can be Used from to to the player. Plankton and start with all The players, and after that, It depends on the number Of games room.

A shift from the so-Called wheel of fortune which Are necessary in order to Be a real estate agent To get to you after You win one of the Other comparison chart, for a Given number of points is Displayed in any case, ggpokerok Can be viewed on the Offici"this web site.

dekula, rake, with seven out Of the plankton to sharks

We will now look at The players with a dedicated Real estate agent, are each One week, shall be paid To, and the situation yourself, It will be valid for Months are up. A total of four statuses Are updated, Blackfish: rake of, The Buffet is Selected for The Shark or if you Have a status that is higher.Black Octopus, the commission should, Bronze Whale, or a later version.Black Whale: rake, are Selected For the Sharks or a Later version.Black in the World: you'Ve got of the rakeback Is necessary Diamond in the World and even more of, CR. CR special rakebackpunten that needs To be gathered to play On ggpoker. Players will get to fishbowl-Point FP, for every a $ Commission that they will pay For it. If you don't have The right number of points, You will be rangstatus will Be reduced. The transition to the new Loyalty program will be held On the th of september, But each player can choose To switch back to the Old system. In order to enable the Program is to click on The Switch to the black Cli"nt settings in order To switch back to the Fish for a Buffet. The move will pay you To all the people who Are in the last state Of a number of awards And PH has not been Received again.

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