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Along with the app update A few days ago, it Said, does poker is a Light, and a global update Is being rolled out to The desktop clientThe interior is completely changed, With city, layouts, and even animations. In order for the reboot To celebrate the guest room And daily promotions, so that Overall prices at the end Of the year, to $, shall Be to achieve. After you upgrade the client, You will immediately notice changes: - The lobby has been totally Changed now it is in All of the important information That is available on the Left-hand panel is sorted According to the games, moved From the top to the Left, and the Quick-Pick A part of the game, Which can be used to The ease of starting players Will be called for beginners. This button is located in The upper right-hand corner, Then Settings, and Customer service. Thanks to the upgraded filters, You can quickly view the Tournament to find the one That you were looking for, You will only need to Have the appropriate check boxes To the bottom of this page. Linker cache is selected for The players to Show a List of the games as In the past, or you Can select it in windowed Mode - this is a new feature. However, the most significant update From the toernooischerm. Now it's time for The reward, through the end Of the current level, if A player decides to play, With the stackgrootte for the First three items in the BB.

Geluksuur a bonus for all The players

The tables will be updated With avatars, layouts, full size, New design and style of lettering. poker is the best way To get the customer to Update, and to celebrate a Variety of promotions to coincide With the re-design. Players will receive a daily Inlogbonus customer freerolls $, or more Per week, and if you'Re lucky enough to have In order to play a Particular a period of time, And to receive the increased Rake, or even a cash Bonus of $. A little more information about The openingsbonus: The Wheel of Fortune, called the daily's.

If you are on the Roulette wheel spin to a Player, you are in these Prices is a freeroll ticket, A small amount of money In your account, you have A toernooiticket for free spin Casino spin or the online Sports betting and cost-deconstructed By $, up to $.

The people in Russia and Neighboring countries may be once A day, to turn the Wheel of fortune, the day Of the poker is to Begin at: in Moscow. If a freeroll ticket, the Wheel falls off, then the Ticket in the lobby of The famous freeroll. If there are no tickets Are available, you may search For any other freerolls-free $, Worth of tournaments every week. If Monday's game and Wednesday from: to: pm, and Tickets will be refunded, but It was a a limit Of $.

Thursday, Tuesday and Thursday, and At the same time as The snap of tables to Play, the fast and poker, Then you will get of The commission that you paid For for a maximum of $.

Saturday, Friday, Sunday, proof that Of the commission will be Paid to the satellites, a Refund it should be played From: to: pm Moscow time, The maximum payout amount of $ Per day.

And finally, there is a Five-minutes to eight hours, A random draw will be Held, where everyone at the Table, I will play as A random gift to receive.

The maximum prize in this Sweepstakes is in thousands of dollars. And it doesn't matter Which game you are currently Playing.

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