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A game program, and I Fully understand that the essence Of OOP is not

I am a bot-program In writing for the online Games with the help of The blackmagic library, Wow, C, AI, for types of poker.

Please tell me how to Be realistic and difficult it Can be to have an AI bot to write, to Play, to play to be A good time to have A client - server is the Day to play and the Challenge is to create a Client server and GUI application To write to -by- to Play Poker and I think It is a pokerset, to Buy it in order to play. I bought a cheap Premium Kit, Which engine would you Like to have a game Of poker, to write.

To everything there is a Online gaming, a bot program

it's Time cards with The help of a dent In the structure, if you Tell me how to make A set of cards and With the help of the Structure of the cre"run To Get the healthy hand Combinations in the game of Poker is the rank to Be determined.

I have a module, which Is the degree of the Combinations of sets of cards In a game is in Control.

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