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Everyone is heading out on Pokerstars in the forum hey ! all of the happy type And stock tables, TD, TP To goas"gg"wait, what ? in principle, we can have A friendly fight ! and, thus, to call them To the MB, accordingly, nm Is blocking it, but the MB Currently, the server will Start, and all of the Standards are going to be ! Everyone, going to bed. the PS will not work, So we put the tournament Was tomorrow at: in. servak down in seven minutes ! We won in the.-and with sink and I Am playing it here on The screen, forum poker, write All hey ! of all the unfortunate, and Td-TP inventory of tables That are open. short-gg - we will have To wait ? we should be able to Wait and elegant ! and, as they say, is That MEG is related to Nc, but not the MB Currently, the server will be Rebooted, and all of the Standards are going to be !.

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