Sports Reporter Dmitry Guberniev, Is A Russian National

Guberniev, took part in a Tournament in Sochi

Famous Russian tv presenter, He Also took part in the Campaign in Russia, as well As PokerStars, POKER, and Open To participate in a major Tournament in Sochi, PokerStars, and Was made the brand ambassador Of RussiaAs a well-known critic Of the biggest sporting events That is Dmitry, the public Face of the campaign"journey To the Sochi, Kazan". Russian poker will be from To October, and enjoy the TOUR will Open in Sochi, The Casino Sochi. Pokerstarssochi'll be a tourist In one of the free Choice of the players are Given the opportunity to have Access to the main event, As well as a -star Hotel, Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana For nights in a double Room for it to win. Free poker-the period of Time from the participants that Will enable them to from Their holiday in Krasnaya Polyana, To enjoy the local attractions To explore. I'm thrilled to be Working with pokerstarssochi at major International tournaments, with the pan-European brands Poker Tour. It helps to Sochi, and In this beautiful region,"he Said Gouberniev. Some skills require a strategy, Discipline, patience, and a knowledge Of psychology in order to Be able to successfully play it. I will be happy to Provide a number of different Skills, and players have all Of these skills to use Poker tournament in Sochi, as Well as possible.

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